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Tilt Stand Fan

Super Vac’s Tilt Stand Fan is perfect for elevating the fan airstream to a higher level.  Not only does this stand get a fan to a higher point, but it also gives the fan the ability to tilt in 18 degree intervals from blowing air straight up or straight down.

A robust design creates a durable stand to withstand years of abuse and wide stance prevents tipping.  The stand is transported very easily with four wheels equipped with locks in order to create a stable base while in use.

The Tilt Stand Fan is built with your choice of F Series blower/exhauster or P Series smoke ejector, sold separately.

Can be purchased as an accessory for an already purchased fan. Highly recommended to purchase with fan so that we can ensure proper installation.

Model Compatible Fans Cord Length Weight
TS-124 any Super Vac 12″ box ventilator 10′ 38 lbs
TS-164 any Super Vac 16″ box ventilator 10′ 42 lbs
TS-200 any Super Vac 20″ box ventilator 10′ 56 lbs
TS-244 any Super Vac 24″ box ventilator 10′ 64 lbs
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