Electric Smoke Ejectors

Available Sizes

12″ / 16″ / 20″ / 24″


Single Speed / Hazardous Location / High Speed / Battery

Gas Smoke Ejectors

Available Sizes



Honda GX

Water Turbine Smoke Ejectors

Available Sizes

12″ / 16″ / 20″ / 24″


Water requiring 100-250 psi

What are smoke ejectors?

Smoke Ejectors are box shaped fans used to pull smoke from a structure using negative pressure.  Smoke ejectors are most effective when working with natural air flow and not against mother nature.  Smoke Ejectors are versatile as they can also be flipped around to use positive pressure tactics when needed.

How to select a smoke ejector?

First, what is the best way for you and your department to power your smoke ejector? Electric smoke ejectors are by far the most common, but there is a gas and battery models available.  Maybe water turbine?  These can be uses in explosive environments but require 100-250 PSI water supply.

Second, what is the best size for you and your department?  How much room do you have on your truck?  What size buildings are in your jurisdiction?  How much output are you looking to get out of your fan?

Next pick a specific motor.  Do you need a fan to use in hazardous locations?

Finally, do you need any add-ons or smoke ejector accessories?  Maybe an door bar to hang the fan higher in doorways and windows?  We highly recommend the spiral duct to help with removing smoke and air with more precision.

Smoke Ejector

Smoke Ejectors vs PPV Fans

Smoke ejectors are not intended to replace PPV fans and PPV fans do not replace smoke ejectors.  Both, smoke ejectors and PPV fans are tools of the trade and each have their place in different scenarios and situations.