WT Series units are water powered positive pressure ventilation fans that are powered by water turbine motors.  These units run without the use of electricity or gasoline making them great in explosive locations with unknown gasses.

Available Sizes

18″: The most popular size PPV – perfect combination of size and power

20″: Capable of handling larger jobs – great for departments with larger residential structures

24″: For departments looking for high output for commercial structures

30″: The largest portable size PPV – for departments with structures such as docks
and shipping facilities

WT Series

16″70 lbs5.5 HP Water Turbine12,900 CFM
18″76 lbs5.5 HP Water Turbine16,830 CFM
20″78 lbs5.5 HP Water Turbine19,650 CFM
24″88 lbs12 HP Water Turbine22,470 CFM
30″102 lbs12 HP Water Turbine24,800 CFM