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The S-995 is a mineral oil based smoke generator from SuperVac’s Cloud 9 Series.  The Cloud 9 Smoke machines and the S-995 are environmental friendly and and produce huge amounts of pure white smoke with superb hang time.  The S-995 has duel outlets and produces twice as much smoke as the S-975 in the same time.

Requires 230V AC

S-995 Features

Mineral Oil Based – does not leave a slippery residue, no breathing discomfort

Fold Down Frame and Rear Mounted Tires – durable, easy transportation and storage

CO2 Propellant – faster, more reliable than a pump

Automatic Cleaning Cycle – runs every time machine is used

100% Self Contained –  C02 bottle, fogger, fluid, remote control all stay within frame for protection

S-995 Specs

Required Solution – Super Vac Mineral Oil Based Fluid

HxWxD – 28″ x 28.5″ x 20.5″ – 711mm x 724mm x 521mm

Smoke Outlets – Duel

Weight – 132 lbs – 60 kg

Power Requirements – 230V AC, 1400W

Fluid Tank – .67 g – 2.5 l

Fluid Consumption – .67 gph – 2.5 lph

Output – 5000 cfm – 8495 cmh

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