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StreamShaper vs Cone Guard

Every department has a different variety of buildings in their jurisdiction and no jurisdiction is the same. Super Vac has two different PPV guard options that enable the fan to have different airstreams. With two guards to choose from, departments are able to choose the best option for their particular needs. Both guards are equally effective, but airflow patterns create easier setups in different situations.

Cone Guard - PPV

Super Vac Cone Guard

StreamShaper Guard - PPV

Super Vac StreamShaper Guard

Cone Guards create an air stream with a wider pattern creating pressure to be displaced evenly across the venturi of the fan. This pattern is extremely useful for many different ventilation scenarios including open floor plans and large commercial structures. This is also a great solution when there is less room in front of doors, such as small front porches and stoops.

The new Stream Shaper Guard has an air stream that is narrower, causing more pressure in front of the shroud of the fan. This is a great pattern for scenarios where departments need a more precise airflow, such as high rise buildings and floor plans with many small rooms. This pattern can be set up further from the entrance to the building leaving more room for personnel entering the building.

Cone Guard Shape

Super Vac Cone Guard

StreamShaper Guard Shape - PPV

Super Vac StreamShaper Guard