Who We Are

Super Vac (originally the Super Vacuum Propeller Company) was established in the mid 1930’s. The name Super Vac, seemingly a misnomer, was coined as a result of the forceful vacuum created by the ventilators to extract smoke and heat from buildings. The name has become synonymous with the highest quality ventilation products for emergency and industrial use.

Super Vac manufactures electric, gasoline, hydraulic, and air powered units for emergency situations and industrial use. The ventilators are used to remove smoke from a fire, thereby increasing visibility for firefighters, improving survivability for victims and reducing property damage due to heavy smoke. Industrial uses include man and machine cooling, smoke and fume removal, painting, sand blasting, and fresh air supply. Super Vac has designed state of the art ventilators to be used in confined space rescues. Our engineering facilities include an air test chamber built to AMCA Standard 210 and 240 for accurately measuring and maximizing the air performance of our ventilators.

Super Vac is a proud member of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association and the Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association (FEMSA).

Super Vac Worker
Balancing Super Vac Blades


The United States Navy chose Super Vac to supply them with special smoke ventilators to be used on board ships during emergency situations. The design of these units has been accomplished jointly by NAVSEA engineers and Super Vac engineers, and will greatly reduce injuries related to the ventilation of ships and compartments. The smoke ventilators are part of a general effort to modernize Navy fire fighting and rescue activities. The contract required Super Vac and our suppliers to institute strict quality control measures and detailed documentation procedures to ensure the units will handle the extreme conditions the ventilators will experience aboard ship.

In 1971, Super Vac expanded its product line to include custom built rescue apparatus. The company markets our rescue truck division as SVI Trucks. SVI Trucks manufactures custom trucks for use as Rescue, Hazardous Material Response, Mobile Breathing Air, Lighting, and as Mobile Command Posts. In 1985, SVI Trucks added refurbishing capabilities for fire apparatus (www.svitrucks.com).

In 1972, Super Vac responded to the need for emergency floodlighting that is essential to nighttime emergency calls. We designed and patented the hydraulically operated Super Vac lighting tower. In 1991, in response to the changing fire service, Super Vac patented an electrically operated robotic arm lighting tower, marketed under the Command Light name (www.commandlight.com).

In 1986, Super Vac purchased a non-ferrous foundry in order to provide more control over the quality in the manufacturing process. This allows us to cast our own blades, parts, and accessories for the ventilators, as well as casting aluminum, brass, and bronze products for outside customers. These customers use the castings in products ranging from replica Gatling Guns and exercise machines to robotic welders. (www.supervacfoundry.com)

In 2012, The Gatwick Airport in England contacted Super Vac to have them build a fan for emergency situations. Super Vac supplied an SVU-50 to the airport which has the ability to provide 250,000 CFM and 30 GPM of mist simultaneously. This was also used to help keep large crowds cool during the London Olympic Games.