Super Vac manufacturers the toughest ventilation products on the planet for emergency personnel and industrial companies.  Quality and durability is the number one priority in each and every product.  We have a solution for any ventilation challenge out there with negative and positive pressure fans, rescue saws, confined space, large scale fans, smoke controlling devices, and smoke training aids.

We Have Valor

Valor Series PPVs are the latest innovation from Super Vac.

Lighter Frame – Faster Set-Up – More Versatile

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Valor Ventilation Fan

Guard Options

Super Vac offers two guards that can be ordered on any PPV.  The Air Cone guard has a wider air path allowing for a closer set-up, while the StreamShaper Guard has a narrower stream of air allowing for a further back set-up.  Which guard will benefit your jurisdiction?

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Take Control of the Flow Path

The Smoke BlockAid is a heat resistant curtain that allows you to control the flow and not shut the door on personnel. See how it works.


Need a durable industrial fan that you can really depend on?  Check out our iLine created just for industrial use.  Available in numerous sizes for many applications

positive pressure fans

industrial ventilators

nano (small scale) fans