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The 724BCX is a 24″, hazardous location motor set on the classic 7-Series frame. This fan is designed specifically for use to cool airline braking systems on passenger jets by pulling air through the wheel of the jet.

724BCX Features

Precision Spun Steel Shroud – durability with maximum airflow

Full Roll Cage Steel Frame – protects key components

Flat Proof Tires – heavy duty rubber, never flat, rolls up stairs and curbs

Air Cone Guard – classic design for maximum airflow, StreamShaper guard optional

Fold Down Handle – folds down within frame for storage, easy grip with heavy duty gloves

5 Year Warranty

724BCX Specs

Motor – 1.5 Hp, Single Speed

HxWxD – 35″ x 22″ x 28.75″ – 889mm x 559mm x 730.25mm

Impeller – 11” diameter

Weight – 108 lbs – 49 kg

RPM – 3,450

Output – 1,165 cfm – 1,979 cmh

The 724BCX has optional centerline heights:

– A320 = 23″

– B787 = 25″

– A380 = 27″

– ADJ = Adjustable centerline heights from 23″ to 27″

(Example: 724BCS – A320 has a centerline height of 23″)

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