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Aircraft Brake Fan

The 724BC series fan is designed specifically for use to cool airline braking systems on passenger jets to help reduce turn around time. Fans come with the option of fixed height to match either the A320, A380 or B787 (or other custom heights), or the optional adjustable lift to span all of the above aircraft.

The 724BC series fan can be powered with choice of standard electrical motors, variable speed motors, hazardous location motors, or gasoline and diesel driven engines.

The heart of the unit is a precision formed impeller designed to pull the air through the wheel assembly to cool the braking system uniformly.

The frame is full wrap around roll cage for safety and protection. Complete with rear mounted tires and a flip-up, full height, full width handle for easy maneuverability.

We used the fans extensively in Las Vegas and Phoenix last year. We will be sending some to Chicago Midway and La Guardia due to the short runway lengths. They work great. If a single brake is overheated, it will pull 100 degrees C out of it in 7 to 8 minutes. Have not had any brake overheat delays out of Phoenix or Las Vegas since we started using them
Tom, Frontier Airlines

724BC Series Models

Model Size Motor / Engine Weight
24″ 1.5 Hp TEAO Electric Motor 108 lbs
24″ 1.5 Hp Variable Speed Electric Motor 105 lbs
24″ 1.5 Hp Hazardous Location Motor 110 lbs
24″ 4 Hp Honda GX Gas Engine 103 lbs
24″ 4Hp Diesel Engine 120 lbs

– = optional centerline heights:

– A320 = 23″

– B787 = 25″

– A380 = 27″

– ADJ = Adjustable centerline heights from 23″ to 27″

(Example: 724BCS – A320 has a centerline height of 23″)

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