Smoke machines or smoke generators are essential for many training programs.  Super Vac offers different options in both glycol and mineral based fluids.

Super Vac Smoke Machines

Mineral Oil vs Glycol

Mineral Oil Based Smoke Machines

Mineral Oil based machines are environmental friendly and are capable of producing huge amounts of pure white smoke, have superior hang time, and leave no slippery residue after use.  See our Cloud 9 Series for Super Vac’s mineral oil based smoke generators.

Glycol Based Smoke Machines

Glycol based machines are more traditional, are time tested, and more economical than mineral based machines. Glycol based smoke machines have been around for many years and have been the trusted choice for many departments.  See Super Vac’s London Fogger Series for glycol based smoke generators.

Always wear SCBA when training in smoke or fog for an extended time, no matter what type of machine you have.

Cloud 9 Smoke Machines

Model Weight Power Requirements Output
132 lbs 110V AC 2,500 cfm
132 lbs 230V AC 2,500 cfm
132 lbs 230V AC 5,000 cfm

London Fogger Smoke Machines

Model Weight Power Requirements Output
26 lbs 115V AC 1,800 cfm
26 lbs 230V AC 1,800 cfm
26 lbs 230V AC 3,600 cfm