Super Vac has a full line of smoke ejector accessories so that you can get the most out of your fan. Ducting, hangers, smoke controlling devices, such as the Smoke BlockAid all make your smoke ejectors as versatile as possible.

Smoke Ejector on scene
Spiral Duct
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Spiral Duct

Spiral Duct is quickly and easily attached to smoke ejectors in order to direct airflow with more precision.

Hazardous Location Duct
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Hazardous Location Duct

A static dissipating duct that can be used in any location.

Smoke BlockAid
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Smoke BlockAid

Easily control/contain smoke with less manpower.

Foam Generator

Easily attach an adaptor that creates foam with an expansion rate of 1000:1

Smoke Ejector Accessories - Hanger

Mounting system in order to hang smoke ejectors in doors and windows

Door Bar
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Door Bar

Wedge that fits in any door or window in order to hang smoke ejectors from.

Mountain Mister
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Mountain Mister

Attaches to grill of any smoke ejector to create misting ring

Tilt Frame
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Tilt Frame

Create the ability to tilt your smoke ejector up and down

Vinyl Cover
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Vinyl Cover

Protect your smoke ejector while in storage.

Running Board Mount
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Running Board Mount

Mount a smoke ejector to the running board or an apparatus

Duct Adapter
Smoke Ejector Accessories - Duct Adapter

An Adapter to attach duct to your smoke ejector

IonPac 2.0
PPV Accessories - IonPac 2.0

Spare Battery for the P164B