Rescue Saws are imperative to ventilating and rescue operations. Super Vac supplied departments with the ultimate saws for the fire/rescue industry, packed with features and specs with firefighters in mind.

Rescue Saw on Scene

Chain Saws vs Cut Off Saws

Super Vac Chain Saws are the first choice of many departments to tackle a variety of operations including cutting through residential roofing, removing downed trees, and more.

Chain Saws can come with choice of a full wrap depth guard for added protection or the Quick Silver depth guard for ease of use and reduced weight.

Cut Off Saws from Super Vac come standard with a Tiger Tooth diamond blade specifically designed to rip through, concrete, steel, rebar, aluminum, along with residential and commercial roofing.

Cut Off Saws

Model Weight Engine Blade
19.6 lbs 60.7cc Makita 14″

Chain Saws – Full Depth Guard

Model Weight Engine Bar
20.8 lbs 78.5cc Makita 16″
21.6 lbs 78.5cc Makita 20″

Chain Saws – Quick Silver Depth Guard

Model Weight Engine Bar
20.8 lbs 78.5cc Makita 16″
21.6 lbs 78.5cc Makita 20″