Confined Space Ventilators by Super Vac have unmatched durability and will last for years.  The entire frame is constructed of steel and the patented 4 tip recurve blade is made of aluminum and precision balanced maximizing output.

Blades on Electric Smoke Ejector

Confined Space Box Fans feature Super Vac’s patented 4-tip recurve aluminum blade.  

Available Sizes

12″ : the most compact size ventilator – fits into the tightest apparatus compartments

16″ : the most popular size ventilator – perfect combination of size and power

20″ : capable of handling larger jobs – will run on 15-amp circuits

24″ : the largest confined space ventilator available – requires 20-amp circuit

Available Motors

Single Speed: TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over) motor – designed to have the ability to pull air deep into a structure or underground vault

Single High Speed: TEAO (Totally Enclosed Air Over) high speed motor – an affordable, quality product for departments looking for a more powerful ventilator – only available in 12″ & 16″

Hazardous Location: single speed, hazardous location motor and switch – designed  to handle any ventilation situation including potentially explosive environments – UL Listed Class 1, Group D

Variable Speed: precise control of air movement and up to 33% more airflow than single speed motors – will run on any 15 amp GFCI circuit and new hydraulic generators

Pneumatic: the most effective air powered fans available, can be used for hazardous locations with unknown gases

12″ Fans

Model Weight Motor Output
40 lbs 1/3 Hp Single Speed 2100 cfm
42 lbs 1/2 Hp Single Speed 3700 cfm
42 lbs 1/3 Hp Hazardous Location 2100 cfm
42 lbs 1/2 Hp Hazardous Location 3700 cfm
40 lbs 1 Hp Variable Speed 3100 cfm
39 lbs 1/2 Hp Pneumatic 3800 cfm

16″ Fans

Model Weight Motor Output
44 lbs 1/3 Hp Single Speed 5200 cfm
59 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Single Speed 9620 cfm
49 lbs 1/3 Hp Hazardous Location 5200 cfm
63 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Hazardous Location 9620 cfm
52 lbs 1 Hp Variable Speed 5900 cfm
45 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Pneumatic 9600 cfm

20″ Fans

Model Weight Motor Output
85 lbs 1 Hp Single Speed 9800 cfm
93 lbs 1 Hp Hazardous Location 9800 cfm
88 lbs 1 Hp Variable Speed 9800 cfm
60 lbs 1-3/4 Hp Pneumatic 9800 cfm

24″ Fans

Model Weight Motor Output
110 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Single Speed 11,800 cfm
115 lbs 1-1/2 Hp Hazardous Location 11,800 cfm
105 lbs 5 Hp Pneumatic 14,200 cfm